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The release of StarCraft Apocalypse Beta 0.5 is upon us!


  • Zerg Mutalisk now has 135HP instead of 120HP
  • Zerg Mutalisk now gets +2 damage for every upgrade instead of +1
  • Terran Marine has a little slower fire rate now
  • New Zerg unit added - Infested Shadow

New Unit preview:

Infested Shadow is a Zerg creature built in Infested Command Center. It's spell/abbility isn't added in this release since I don't have an idea what it should be. Suggestions?


Damage: 15
Armor: 1
Abilities: none right now


NOTE: Th ... Read more »

Views: 14694 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-09-23 | Comments (12)

Mod is back in development. There are only 2 different things.
1. I have to remember the modding - lol.
2. I am doing this mod alone now - my friend doesn't want to do it anymore.
- Custom maps
- Maybe more new units
- No campaign for some time
I hope this short notice brings joy to the fans (if there are any)
Thank you,
Warlord42 (apocalypse4ever)
Views: 2689 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-09-14 | Comments (0)

Release of StarCraft Apocalypse Beta 0.2!
(Also features things in this news!)
Download it from the Downloads section in Site menu!


And another new unit comes alive in our mod for the Terran.
Name: Terran Scientist
Rank: Private

HP: 75
Attack: None
Armor: 0

Short description:
It is a ground unit that can be built in Terran Covert Ops.
It is a detector.
Good to have a few in defense or offense forces.


Other minor changes:
- Sniper isn' ... Read more »
Views: 642 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-06-30 | Comments (0)

Managed to make a new unit in our mod ... Read more »

Views: 595 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-06-21 | Comments (0)

This is the first beta of StarCraft Apocalypse released.
- all the things that were mentioned in mod's updates. (excluding campaign)
Well, it isn't pretty unique right now, but just wait for me to learn a few tricks and then will the fun start!
You can download it from the Downloads in the site menu!
Stay Tuned and enjoy!
Views: 570 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-06-15 | Comments (0)

I decided to tell you my plans and show you a video with some ingame tweaks.

Well, first my plans:

1. I have decided to remove the population restrictions. I hope this makes you like this mod more. I always wanted to make an army full of Ultralisks and destroy the opponent. This will soon be doable.

2. I have added a Venom attack for the Zerg Defiler and a Psi Assault attack for the Protoss High Templar. This feature was actually cut from the game. For now, they are matched.

3. I will make some other ingame tweaks that bother me. Hitpoints change, damage, etc.

Now the video to show you!
Sorry for the sound in the beggining of the video. 

... Read more »
Views: 1482 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-06-08 | Comments (0)

Me and my friend talked about this and we agreed that we will continue to work on this mod.

Update of the progress:Maps: 5/100 (Formated the drive and lost 5 maps. Maps on hold. We are first gonna make the campaigns.
Campaign: 8/9 Zerg missions (Finished soon!) 0 Terran missions (not started) 1 Protoss mission (not completed)
Things in game: Got some ideas from someone from our old forum. Half of them are going to be made. If you have ideas, please tell us!This is the update of a progress.

Terran units shield

I will post more screenshots soon.
Do you want beta???
Then tell us!
We are working hard on this, so stay tuned for more updates and have a nice week!

Thanks for your tim ... Read more »

Views: 581 | Added by: apocalypse4ever | Date: 2009-06-07 | Comments (0)

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