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Forum » Other » Ideas » Zerg's Unit's (Ideas for zerg unit's)
Zerg's Unit's
GageDate: Tuesday, 2009-06-09, 1:21 AM | Message # 1
Terran SCV
Group: Users
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Ok... Last but truely not least the zerg. I know zerg units are hard to change look, but it makes the mod look 110% better.

Now for my ideas...

☼ Change the zerglings so that 3 come out, not 2, because 2 z lings, can barely beat 1 terran marine.. i think that is rediculas! Zerg should come in mass's...

☼ Make the infested terran differently, Instead of making them a suicidal, Make them be eccupted with a Gauss rifle that does the exact same amount of damage as the marine, but make them VERY unaccurate..

☼ Now for the mutalisk, I mean honestly, when it tranforms into a gaurdian or devourer, They shouldnt cost money to change! It should be a simple transformation!

☼ Ive heard ideas from the Apocalyptse and i think the defiler idea is great! I like the defiler but they only have 3 spells that arnt VERY good but they are ok..

Thanks for listening to my post.

apocalypse4everDate: Tuesday, 2009-06-09, 1:29 AM | Message # 2
Terran SCV
Group: Administrators
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1.) Undoable. Will still try something, or at least make them cheaper.

2.) I think undoable or out of my knowledge. Will try.

3.) Doable. Will try it out.

4.) I'm glad you like it smile

Again thanks for the ideas.

Forum » Other » Ideas » Zerg's Unit's (Ideas for zerg unit's)
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